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FinaP is a useful tool that you can use to manage your personal finance so that's totally controlled and detailed, thanks to the amount of monitoring options that are included.

The program helps you keep a comprehensive registry of all the payments you are owed and the things that you must pay for. The application can save information on any of your clients or the companies you make a transactions with.

In FinaP, you can save your bank account information and all of the forms from years back up to the most current. This will allow you to create a graph and statistics that will help you understand and monitor how much you are spending.

All of your deposits, investment funds, checking accounts...any bank registry that's important for your finances can be monitored here and kept up to date.

Don't leave any loose ends. Manage your money with FinaP and keep your pockets safe and stabilized.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386


Redesigned vehicle catalogue

Redesigned driver catalogue

Redesigned catalogue of businesses

Work orders related to the registry of repairs

Scheduling for repairs

Redesigned repairs registry

Redesigned scheduling service

Registry for oil changes or other liquids

Redesigned tire change registry

Calendar for scheduled trips

Redesigned trip registry

Redesigned registry for gas expenses

Registering of several photos for any accidents permitted

Insurance policy payments

Tax payments

Purchases linked to purchase registry

Redesigned purchase registry

Registry of miscellaneous purchases

Redesigned inventory of spare parts module

Redesigned inventory of tires module

New filters for reports and consultations

All reports can be exported to Excel

New statistics graphs


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